Get Moving, feel the burn!

“If exercise could be purchased in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.” Most of us, if not all of us, would agree with Dr Robert H. Butler on that one.

We’d love to reach our physical pinnacle and be the best version of ourselves. LBN (Look Better Naked) gym designs packages specifically for your individual needs making sure you get the best of your hour when training. Too busy to exercise? They’ve got a Lunchtime Boot Camp every Tuesday and Thursday between 12:00AM and 1:00PM.

Back to Basics in Table View provides clients with Pilates classes which help to strengthen the core and correct muscle imbalances. Or if you prefer the physical and mental benefits of yoga, then join in on one of the Hatha yoga classes.

Perhaps you could give that golf swing some practice at the Bogie Golf Spa and select from a variety of national and international ranges on their state-of-the-art simulator. The gym also offers some training, stretches and therapy for golf-related injuries.

Want to have fun and master the ancient art of jiu-jitsu at the same time? Join the biggest and oldest Jiu-Jitsu school in Cape Town, the Combat Jiu-Jitsu. Learn to master flexibility, core strength and balance.

At PT-Fit Training a personal program is specifically designed to meet your goals and balance your busy lifestyle in a private gym environment where confidence is encouraged.

If training like an elite sportsman is your goal, Two Oceans Specialized Training will get you sweating with its Crossfit and bootcamp workouts amongst others. With a motto that states ‘Stronger Together’ expect to feel motivated and driven to reach your goals with all the support you need.

No excuses then, set a goal, get moving and feel the burn!