Fitness Tips for over 40s

It becomes more difficult to lose weight and stay in shape once you’ve reach the 40 mark. Ultimate Gladiator, James Crossley (aka Hunter) is an expert in educating clients in ‘age-appropriate’ health and fitness. Read his top 10 tips for staying in shape once you’ve reached the big 40.

1. Full Body Workout
Do a full body workout three times a week. The more muscles worked means more calories are burned at rest.

2. Say goodbye to the Sugar
Avoid fizzy and energy drinks and any product packed with sugar. Stick to fresh water and teas.

3. Try Fasted Cardio
Get up 20 minutes earlier and do short forms of exercise on an empty stomach 2-3 times a week.

4. Steam
Get a steamer, a simple way to prepare food and keeps calories in check.

5. Don’t fear the fat
Good fats from nuts, avocados etc are hugely beneficial.

6. Destress
Stress is a huge killer of body composition. Learn to relax mind and body.

7. Alcohol
Contains so many calories, regulate your drinking and avoid high calorie items like beer.

8. Sleep
Often overlooked. Don’t forget, when you work out, you break your body down so you need time to recover.

9. Green Tea
A great choice to help rev up your metabolism and full of anti-oxidants.

10. Set Goals
You need to set a goal to hit any target. Start with simple goals but it’s important to have a well-defined high stakes long-term goal to work towards.

Need some extra motivation to get you on your way? Here’s a few local fitness establishments that come highly recommended.