Into Nutrition


If you’ve tried every diet out there with no long-term success, then Into Nutrition may be the solution for you!

“Diets” are a short term solution and doing it on your own can be a recipe for disaster.

Into Nutrition will help you discover how easy it is to practise a healthy lifestyle.

“A healthy outside starts on the inside”

Fiona Thornton is a nutrition and health coach.

She will work with you to help you achieve your optimum health and lifestyle through better nutrition and coaching.

The programmes will change the way you look at healthy eating.

Weight loss is just one aspect. You can also expect to improve your energy level, reduce your stress and much more…

The sessions are one-on-one, offering personalized coaching and also ideal if you have any health concerns.


All programmes include:

• Health, diet and lifestyle assessment
• Detailed and easy to follow programme materials
• Weekly weigh-in
• Weekly food diary monitoring & recommendations
• Coaching

Topics covered include:

• Good mood foods
• Food intolerances
• Emotional eating
• Mindfulness
• Stress management



Fiona Thornton
Into Nutrition – Nutrition and Health Coach
Tel: 074 580 6828



Unit 2, College House, Village Place, Parklands
I service Blouberg and Surrounds, Western Cape


“I loved the programme. The best support ever.”

“I have more energy and less cravings.”

“I can easily eat like this for the rest of my life.”

” I really learnt a lot about how much sugar I consume and what foods I should rather be eating but at the same time I never really felt deprived of anything”