Total Lunar Eclipse

Look up to the skies on Friday night, 27th July to view the historic lunar eclipse that will be visible in South Africa. This eclipse will be the longest in nearly a century, lasting nearly four hours.

According to the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa the total eclipse of the moon will start around 8.24 pm.

“The moon will start changing shape as it enters the shadow of the Earth at 20h24. From 21h30 until 23h13, it will be totally eclipsed, but faintly lit by light refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere, which should give it a pale reddish colour. At 23h13 the moon starts recovering from the eclipse, which will be over by 00h19,” ASSA says.

ASSA will be hosting a public eclipse-viewing event at the V&A Waterfront. Also, Mars will be shining at its brightest for 15 years at the same time of the eclipse.


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