Top Décor trends to look out for this 2017!

New year new look!  2017 is sure to be an exciting year and will be evident in the trends that will take shape in your home this year.  There are some great new looks and feels with some of last year’s favorites still trending!

Top 5 Trends for 2017 are:

1. Green:
The color green is taking center stage this year.  All the hues of Green will be a big hit, from fresh lime green right through to the riches of emerald green.   If you are feeling bold, implement this color onto your walls with paint or printed wallpapers in green.  For limited doses aim for your accents, turn to one of furniture pieces in green or décor accessories such as loose lay rugs; scatter cushions or artifacts.

2. Textures:
Texture is really important in décor – and touch, is one of our greatest senses!  Layer different fabrics; finishes; furniture items and accessories – each with different textures that we can enjoy!  Textures are carried through from fabrics; furniture; light fittings; flooring and wallpaper.

3. Terracotta:
Yes that’s right, Terracotta!   Terracotta is making huge come back this year with its natural flooring tiles and crockery.  Also expect terracotta to hit the color trend too into wall paints; wallpaper and fabrics.  This is a great element you can use in a Mediterranean and Bohemian Chic scheme.

4. Navy is the new Black:
Navy will be your preferred alternative to using black this year.  This creates a more mysterious; modern twist on classic finishes and pairs well with almost any color scheme.  Implement navy into your main interior finishes such as: cabinetry; walls or simple accents.

5. Faux Finishes:
Fuax finishes are becoming popular to many homeowners and designers, simply because it is budget friendly and more reliable / durable than most natural finishes.  Expect to see finishes of: marble wallpaper; faux leather fabrics; engineered stones and manufactured flooring with grey oak wooden looks.

Continuing trends from 2016 into 2017 are:

1. Metallics:
We will still see this in light fittings; sanitary ware; wall applications; furniture details; décor accessories; cutlery and jewelry.  Key metallics trending into 2017 are: Copper & Brass

3. Marble
This timeless stone is classic yet modern at the same time.  Once again we will see this carried through in tabletops; counter tops; flooring; décor accessories and crockery.  Expect to see items made of marble mixed with a metallic.

4. Bold Prints:
We will see this in fabrics, wallpaper and even fashion.  Giant busy and colorful prints of butterflies, flowers; foliage and cityscapes will continue to trend this year.  This creates a sense of optimism and energy!

Happy 2017 and have fun designing your home with these new tasteful trends!
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