Gardening in January

Our trusted garden professionals at Starke Ayres, West Coast Village advise on how to keep your garden in top shape this January.

• Continue planting small batches of vegetables to ensure a continued and manageable supply. Planting suitable varieties in pots will make watering easier and more economical. Suited for pots are – tomato, lettuce, peppers, chilli, beans, spinach, kale and brinjal. Select from our wide range of Organic seedlings grown especially for you. Mulch much more! Use bark or any other organic mulch to lay down on your garden beds, not only does it keep weeds from germinating, but it also retains moisture, reducing your water usage by approximately 60% dependent on soil type.

• Plant waterwise indigenous or mediterranean plants such as Aloes, Gazanias, Pelargonium spp, Agapanthus, Hebe’s, Myrtus communis, Cuphea and Rhaphiolepis.

Myrtus Communis

• Check for Red spider mite. When plants get stressed by the heat accompanied by increasing humidity in summer, they are more prone to attack by pests and diseases. Use Efekto Redspidercide for effective control.

• Use Stockosorb to increase water retention in pots or containers. Stockosorb quickly absorbs and stores water equivalent to more than 180 times its own weight. Water and nutrients which normally drain away are retained in the root zone and are now readily available to plants for a longer period of time so that irrigation intervals can be extended , generating substantial water cost savings.

• To keep bedding plants flowering into Autumn, continue to feed them with Starke Ayres 3:1:5 or Talborne Organics 6:3:4

• During dry spells Ant and cockroach activities increase. Use Kombat Ants or Kombat Roach to control infestations.

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