The Plastic Pickle – Clean C

Plastic is slowly killing our world, and more specifically our ocean friends. Here’s how to do your bit in eradicating plastic from our beaches.

We use plastic daily, in our kitchens, in our business, as toys, to carry items, to store items, in our takeaway foods, and we know that plastic is a great invention. So, in this instance, we are not slagging plastic, but rather the disposal of it.

Where do the throw-away plastics go, once we dump them in the bin, if we lobby them from our car window or into the sea? They end up inside the ocean animals stomaches, locked around their necks and teeth, or trapping them to a sure death.

While this may not be on the top of your list in terms of important, we do urge you to consider how you dispose of your plastics.

Be aware of the amount of garbage and plastic that lines our beaches. You can make a difference with not much effort at all.

Here is what we suggest:

Through our Beautiful Recycling services, all you need to do is sign up online, pay a really small fee, and put out all your recycling material in the bags we provide every week.

We host these regularly and there is most definitely a beach clean up near where you live or work. Pop onto our website…/beautiful-cleanups/ and watch our social media updates to learn about when the next beach clean up will be.

There is no reason why you cannot do cleanups whereever you are. When you take a walk on the beach or in the park, go for a run in your neighbourhood, or leave your place of work or your children’s school, look for items of waste that you can put in the bin. If you want to take it a step further, keep a waste bag in your car and pop recyclable materials in there to take home, to then leave for our recycling or take to the nearest garage recycling bins.

Its really that simple. Just don’t!

With your involvement we can really make a difference and stop the plastic from polluting our beaches and beautiful sea.

Visit to find out more.

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