R15k up for grabs in the new Blouberg Treasure Hunt

Get the whole family involved on Saturday, 9th October. Hunt for clues and find the R15 000 treasure up for grabs.

hoodhunt is a new local initiative, a clue and adventure game that encourages Capetonians to explore the Blouberg area by solving clues and visiting public open spaces in the hunt area.

Starting at 8 am on 9th October each participant will receive an email with clues, solve the clues that lead to a
the hidden location where a R15 000 treasure is waiting to be found.

The event is a great chance for families or friends to spend time together in the research and clue solving part of the hunt as well as when it comes to exploring the area. Anyone can enter, whether you live in the hunt area or not, but it will be necessary to visit the area while solving the clues.

The event does not require people to gather at a specific location or time and the exploration of the hunt area is done independently so the event is COVID friendly.

10% of all ticket sales will be donated to local charities. The charities associated with the
hoodhunt : Blouberg event are Home of Hope, Fallen Angels, and Little Brinks. These charities
are all focused on improving the lives of children and animals in need in the greater Blouberg

Entry tickets for the event are on sale on the hoodhunt website.

The tickets will cost R150 each but you can grab an early bird special for R100.
Available until September 12th.