National Bikes to Rev up Killarney Drag Racing

Round 7 of the 2019 Drag Racing series at Killarney International Raceway on Saturday 24 August will also be a round of the South African National Championship for Motorcycle Drag Racing, as well as part of a double  header with the Short Circuit racing series – both on one ticket at R80 for adults, R20 for scholars under 16 and free for children under 12.

In addition to entries from the coastal regions, a number of top motorcycle competitors from Gauteng are expected to make the trek to Killarney, in order to take advantage of the 17 percent extra power their engines will gain by running at sea level.

In the case of a litre-class Superbike, that means anything up to 30 extra horsepower, making some of the machines almost uncontrollable – very scary for the riders, very exciting for spectators. Expect huge wheelies and spectacular wheel-spinning launches.

In the four-wheeled classes, all the usual Suspects (and we use that term deliberately) will be there, including Shaun Zurich’s  immaculately prepared Honda Civic, reputedly the quickest normally aspirated front wheel-drive car in Africa, six-cylinder Corollas and a number of (mostly street-legal) all wheel drive Audis and VW Golf Rs.

They don’t do burnouts or make a lot of noise, but  they’re astonishingly quick off the line.

There will be more loud noises at the IASCA (International Auto Sound Challenge Association) Sound-off at the New Pits Complex, as competitors vie for the loudest onboard sound systems, with readings in the region of 150 dB – that’s about as loud as a jet fighter on take-off! – from cars with batteries the size of bar fridges powering megawatt amps and cavernous speakers via multiple cables as thick as your thumb.

This Regional record event is  expected to attract competitors from all over the Western Cape, all aiming to break new records and set the bar even higher than before. It will also include a new Speciality Class for those under 18 years of age, aimed at giving young enthusiasts the opportunity to compete, as well as a Specialty Class for adults; find out more about entering your car from Riaz Ahmed at 079 677 8861.

Gates open at 7:00am on Saturday 24 August and racing begins at 9:00am. Pay at the gate: Adults R80, scholars under 16 R20 and children under 12 free.