Killarney Back on Track

The Western Province Motor Club welcomes the announcement by Motorsport South Africa of the re-opening of motorsport venues in South Africa, albeit under strict sanitation and health rules, and with a restriction on spectators.

The conditions imposed by the Department of Sport include the compulsory wearing of face masks at all times, strict cleaning protocols, temperature screen of all competitors and crew attending, and the presence of a Covid-19 compliance officer at events.

Bearing in mind that the Covid-19 pandemic is by no means over and that the risk of infection is still high, officials at Killarney International Raceway will be working urgently in collaboration with Motorsport South Africa and the City of Cape Town to obtain further clarity on the necessary safety protocols, so as to re-open the facility to competitors as soon as is safely possible.

In the meantime, however, we will also be working with Motorsport South Africa to draw up a revised calendar of events at Killarney for the remainder of 2020, which we will publish as soon as it has been ratified by the necessary authorities.

On a less formal note, we are as excited as racing enthusiasts everywhere to welcome the return of motorsport in South Africa, and we look forward to welcoming competitors back to Killarney in the near future.