Gardening in September

All the garden hints and tips for September from the experts at Starke Ayres, West Coast Village.

Every September we celebrate Arbour week. At Starke Ayres, we accept that not everyone has the space for a tree, but to reduce carbon in the atmosphere the least we can do, is plant the Carbon gobbler, the Portulacaria afra -Spekboom. Every year, two trees are named as “Tree of the Year” in the lead up to Arbour Week. A common and rare species are chosen to raise public awareness about the diversity of trees significant to the country. The common tree for this year is Sclerocarya birrea , Marula / Maroela and the uncommon one is

Philenoptera violacea, Apple-leaf or Appelblaar.

Spring Bulbs will be on our shelves very soon. Gladioli, Dahlia, Crocosmia, Polyanthus and Amaryllis will once again reveal their splendour, reminding us of how wonderful nature is.

Plant summer vegetable varieties in your veggie patch such as Tomatoes, Patty Pans, Cucumber, Squash, Pumpkin, Beans and Brussel Sprouts. Sowing seeds is simple when you use the Magic Seeder. It will cope with seeds up to 2 mm in size. It is ideal for accurate sowing of seeds in plug or seed trays prepared with Palm Peat or Culterra Germination mix.

Lawns require a boost in spring. Talborne 5:1 :5 fertilisers are organic and slow release and only needs to be applied 3 monthly. All other chemical options should be applied 6 weekly. If your lawn is sparse now is a good time to plant grass plugs and lightly top-dress with one of our weed-free lawn dressings. Starke Ayres Lawn Seed is easily sown to thicken or establish new turf in sun or semi-shade.

Warmer weather initiates the growing season for Chillies. Grow your own Chillies to suit your own taste. Kirchhoff’s large variety of Chillies will make your eyes water with their Heirloom cultivars such as Baby Pepper, Rajah, Green Pepper California, Long Red Cayenne, Habanero, Serano Chilli, Pepper Jalapeno and Tabasco. Feed your Chillies with Talborne Organics and cash in on their Fruity Harvest Combo Deal this month.

Clivias, commonly known as bush lilies, bring spectacular colour to any shady area of your garden during the month of September. They are very easy to care for, are indigenous and waterwise. Plant them in Culterra’s Clivia Mix, a specially formulated organic medium with added slow-release fertiliser. Feed Clivias and all other spring-flowering shrubs with Starke Ayres Organic 3:1 :5 or Talborne 3:1 :5.

All the Leucodendron, Leucospermum, Agathosma and Erica’s are now in full flower. Time to settle them in before Summer, great in an indigenous landscape or patio container. Plant them in full sun for the best growing conditions in Arnelia or Master Organics Protea mix. Water frequently in the first few months until they are established. Pick up our new Proteaceae growing guide at our information desk.

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