Camphill Village Spring Market

Celebrate spring at the Camphill Village market this Sunday. Stroll through the flowers, breathe in the joyous scent of lush spring and a riot of flowers after good winter rains.

Browse all your favourite Camphill products, fresh produce, crafts and a wide selection of jewelry, decor, plants, food products and more from the regular vendors.

Pic: Camphill Village

Enjoy coffee and cake, breakfast and boerewors rolls, lunches and pancakes. 

Pic: Camphill Village

Dogs on leashes are welcome.

The monthly market takes place on Sunday 1st September between 10h00 to 14h00.

Pic: Camphill Village

Please note that the turn off the N7 is currently in the middle of the roadworks. Turn L at the yellow Atlantis sign after the flashing 60 sign.