Gardening in March

March gardening tips from the garden experts at Starke Ayres, Sunningdale.

It is time for Autumn sowing. Sow Starke Ayres Namaqualand Daisies and Bokbaai vygies, Mesembryanthenum in sunny places in the garden. These varieties are indigenous and ideal for the dry conditions we are experiencing. Don’t lose out to enjoy their spectacular show this coming spring.

• March is the month to apply pre-emergence herbicide for Wintergrass, (Poa annua) that seeded itself last year. Pre-emergence application is far more effective than postemergence. The product Lawntyl can be applied at half the rate (pre-emergence rate only apply on only Kikuyu, Buffalo and Cynodon Royal and Outenique varieties) Remembering that these products suppress germination and have a residual effect for approximately 2 – 3 months, no other lawn seed should be sown in treated areas over this period.

• Flowering bulbs have an important advantage over regular plants: they can store energy from one growing season to the next. When a bulb starts to grow, it uses these stored reserves to develop roots, shoots, leaves and flowers. Being so self-sufficient means that flower bulbs don’t have to wait for perfect weather or ideal soil conditions. By nature, they already have what they need to thrive. Start looking out for Sparaxis, Ranunculus, Anemone and the wonderfully fragrant Freezias.

• Control Red Spidermite. Red spider breeds in drought-like conditions when the sap flow is sluggish and more concentrated. The mites suck the sap out of leaves, which fall off and expose the stems to the direct sun. Treat plants with Seizer or Plant Care from Makhro Home and garden.

• Organic window fly trap – an effective and environmentally friendly way of combatting flies at home, at the office in the caravan etc. Window fly trap is easy to use and discreet ( it can easily be concealed behind a potted plant or a curtain. Also effectively trap fruit flies and other insects.  Replace the trap as required for a fly free environment.

• Continue with your water-wise efforts in the garden. WaterWise 3D is a highly effective, pet and aquatic friendly wetting agent, for use on your garden, pot plants, trees and lawns. It assists in water penetration and retention, reduces water runoff and evaporation and improves the efficiency of fertilisers, saving water, time and costs. WaterWise 3D is fully biodegradable. 

• Only a living biological soil is truly fertile. Plants grown in organically fertile soil are healthier and more resistant to disease and insect attack. Humus (Fertilis) or worm castings is environmentally friendly and feeds the life of the soil, while it feeds crops and plants: minerals and nutrients are released and become bioavailable to the roots of the plants. Worm tea with billions of microbes is also available on tap. Bring your own container or buy one in the store.

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