Gardening in June

Birds have a tough time in the winter months. Those that do not migrate will spend the long winter months hunkered down, relying on the food they’ve hidden during the warm months and scavenging for the rest. Available from the Monoceros range is a wide selection of suet ball applications to suit your garden. Win a hamper by buying any suet product from Monoceros Trading.

Winter is as good a time as any for setting out new shrubs from the nursery in pots or bags. Use this quiet time of the year to add more permanent shrubs in your garden to create a backdrop for the annuals and perennials.

Add some Winter cheer to your garden by planting Primula malacoides, Calendula and Pansies. They will brighten the garden with their bold colours. Primulas grow best in dappled or light shade, protected from the noonday sun. Water regularly to prevent wilting and feed with Multisol, a general multi-purpose water-soluble fertilizer.

Many Aloes and succulents flower in early Winter and it offers the perfect opportunity to select them from our Garden Centre whilst in bloom. Boost flowering with a good handful of organic Talborne 6:3:4 or 3:1:5. per m2. Talborne is a slow release four month feed.

Rake up leaves and add them to the compost heap. Use Compost Activator from Makhro Home and Garden to accelerate decomposition or as the activating agent for your Bokashi composting systems.

Winter months are the best time to establish Proteaceae spp. in the garden or a container. Plant them in welldrained Arnelia Premium Potting & Planting mix which has been especially formulated for the Proteaceae family.

Feed all citrus especially Lemon trees with Magnesium Sulphate. Magnesium supplements can support the health of your citrus trees. You can apply this to the soil above the root zone of the lemon tree or apply it as a foliar spray during the growing season. Feed citrus trees with an Organic 3:1:5 fertiliser to enhance production of blooms which shall result in good bearing of fruit.

Are moles destroying your garden again this Winter? Starke Ayres is introducing a successful commercial product, Mole Guard a new innovative mole repellent, which is not only easy to apply but cost-effective, long-lasting (6 months efficacy), which will harmlessly deter moles from your lawn and garden flower beds.

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