6 Child-Friendly Eateries around Table View

We know what it’s like to have your hands full, trying to enjoy your meal and relax while watching the kids. So we have created a list of 6 of the best child-friendly eateries on the West Coast!

Black Bull Steakhouse
A firm local favourite. Black Bull Steakhouse in West Beach is geared for family outings with a relaxed and friendly vibe. Kids will love the space and can play in a safe environment while you enjoy your favourite meal. More information.

Die Damhuis Restaurant
With a large sandpit and lighthouse-styled jungle gym, the kids have ample space to entertain themselves and run around at this very popular beachside restaurant that serves fantastic food. More information.

Ons Huisie
This popular beachfront venue ticks all the boxes for the whole family, including the dog. There is a large outdoor play area that is enclosed and includes a swing and large jungle gym. Pancakes and other treats on the menu for the little ones. A childminder is also on site. More information.

SEAT at Eden on Big Bay
Enjoy sundowners at the beach while the kids have some fun. A childminder is on duty to help keep an eye on the little ones while they play in the padded jungle gym and ball pit.

Tables at Nitida
Let the kids run wild on the lawns and enjoy the outdoor jungle gym while you relax and enjoy a tasty meal. Great kiddies menu. More information.

Moyo Blouberg
With views of Table Mountain, Moyo Bloubergstrand boasts a large indoor monitored play area where parents can keep a close eye on their kids. Special kiddies ‘worsie en chips’ and chubby chicken or beef sliders on the menu. More information.