Create a Festive Centrepiece

With the holidays in full swing, everyone is in a festive mood . . . it definitely calls for creating your personal centrepiece for any of your tables – whether it be dining; coffee; entrance or even your server.  We don’t want anything too garish or kitsch, we want to aim for something stylish and simple.  Simple is Key!

How do we create our Centerpieces with Style and Simplicity?

1. Choose your base:

Your base can be a tray; plate or simply your main flower or foliage arrangement (that will be a bare raw base).  When choosing your plate or tray, aim for something that is mirror; metallic or with a bold color base.  If you are going with an only flower or foliage arrangement it is preferred to have 1 or 2 color selections only, your main flower color Or your green for foliage.

2. Floral touch:
Layer your tray or plate with florals or foliage.  This can be simple potted orchids and flowers, or flower arrangements big or small and any color you choose.  If you aiming for greens only, go with simple foliage/greens found at your local florist and beautiful potted succulents.  I think it’s always nice to end your floral touch with a bit of green regardless!

3. Object:
This is where you can mix and match, and really have fun!  Select object such as: Wine/champagne coolers; candle holders; plates and crockery.  You can be simplistic with white and silver (mirror and any metallic) or funk it up with different shades of a color scheme (neutrals or colorful) and textures.

4. Let there be Light:
Candles, candles and more candles. Any size, shape and form!  For an understated look, white is always a winner in a glass holder candle holder!  If you want some glam, aim for any metallics (silver; gold or copper).  For a really over the top and special feel, layer your table with a mix of candelabras and glass & mirror candle holders!

Wishing you a Beautiful Stylish Christmas & New Year!
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