10 Reasons to hire an Interior Designer

Many people think hiring an interior designer is an expensive exercise.  Truth is, investing in an interior designer is a very smart decision to make, especially when you have invested a good amount into your home, one that can save you time; money and many headaches!


Here are 10 simple reasons why you should hire an interior designer:

1. Professional Assessment
A designer can provide you with a personal assessment that will lead to a solid design plan of action.  They will look at what can be re-used; edited and added to the space, which also adds to a good budget plan.

2. Functionality
You will immediately pick up if a designer has worked on a home, simply because the design works and is in perfect harmony!  The working symmetry of a scheme of colours; fabrics; placing of furniture for the traffic flow of a home; hanging of art as well as the correct use of lighting – it all works!

3. Contacts
Designers have access to resources and contractors that are not always available to the public.  Most designers will also have worked with and have built up long relationships with these contractors, which means you will be in good hands.


4. Liaison
When you hire a designer, you never have to worry about been the “ bad guy “ or forgetting to overlook the finer details that most people don’t pick up on, designers are trained to do this for you!  They will build a relationship and work with the contractors to ensure that everything is correctly carried out and will act on your behalf.

5. Save Money
Hiring a designer will prevent you from making costly mistakes!  I see this so many times when I walk into homes, then we have to “chuck” most of the items because of bad planning; bad purchases and the failed installations.  Your designer will ensure you buy the right items for the space and ensure a professional installation is carried out.

6. Budgeting & Planning
Always inform your designer what your budget is, reality is all our budgets and tastes are different.  Your designer has the resources at hand to design on a budget that is well suited to your needs – this will save you so much time.  Working in stages is another great way to save!

7. Project Management
Your designer will manage the entire process for you – from concept of design; implementation right through to the installation.

8. Unique Ideas
Most designers are well travelled and are up-to-date with the latest trends.  This enables them to come up with unique ideas and implement them with your  “personal vision” into your home.


9. Add Value
Believe it or not, a well designed and decorated home will add value to your house.  Once you decide to sell, your showcase home won’t be on the market for long, which means faster turn around and more money in your pocket!

10. The Scheme Fits
At the end of the day, the designer is the professional with a trained eye that will know immediately when something is right or wrong for a space.  Designers think differently, about space and function, and often “out of the box”.  They can see the overall picture that clients often cannot.

Anna Correia – Interior Consultant


E-mail: anna@annacorreia.co.za