10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

As 2019 closes the curtain and the century shuts the door one cannot help but ponder on what the new year will bring. We reflect on the year gone by and turn our thoughts to what we can change and do differently in 2020 with New Year’s Resolution.

There are the obvious choices like getting in shape, eating healthier, quit smoking and generally being kind to our body but here’s a few alternative resolutions you might want to consider.

Good Manners: Become more polite and practice better manners. Respect other people and their space, we all have to share this planet after all. Deal with rude people with dignity and humbleness.

Be Happier: Find the joys in little things like a walk on the beach or watching the sunset. Reduce stress as much as possible, surround yourself with positive energy and avoid toxic, destructive behaviours and people. Reinvent yourself if you have to.

Dress Better: Why not change your style in 2020? You don’t need loads of cash or a personal stylist to achieve this. Try a new hairstyle, different outfits, colour choices and fabrics to spruce up your wardrobe. Live with style.

Get Creative: Learn more about the arts, literature, music and different cultures. Go to the theatre, visit museums, read more, start a journal, paint, express yourself.

Be Confident: Self-confidence goes a long way, it allows you to speak up, ask for what you want and get noticed.

Sleep More: We live in a fast-paced tech world with smart phones, smart TVs and other gadgets with alerts and lights constantly in our face. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and reduce your tech time to make way for uninterrupted sleep time.

Clear your mind: It’s becoming more difficult to focus and concentrate in our daily lives. Take time out to hone your mental skills, focus and concentration. Whether it’s via an app, meditation or an hour in the sauna, make time to clear your head.

Save More: Develop a sound plan to get your debt in order and start putting money aside. There are plenty of apps with hacks and tips to help you save more effectively.

Travel: Make time for travel. Whether you’re on a tight budget or unlimited funds, travelling is good for the soul. Experience different cultures, meet interesting people and discover new places.

Learn to Cook: Take a few short cooking courses to hone your skills. It will save you money in the long run and you get to eat the food you love just the way you like it.