West Coast Flowers

The flowers are in full bloom along the West Coast offering a kaleidoscope of beautiful colour on the landscape. Time to hop in the car and take a drive to see this spectacular show before it’s too late.

West Coast Flowers
Pics: West Coast Flower Update

Take a drive up the West Coast to Yzerfontein where the flowers bloom the latest of all the regions and can be seen when all the other flowers have finished blooming.  

No matter where you drive within the West Coast region, you are sure to find many fields in bloom. You can also visit one of the various Wildflower Shows in the region.

Clanwilliam Wildflower Show
23 Aug till  01 Sep 2019
Tel: 027 482 2024 / cederberg@lando.co.za

Hopefield fynbos Skou

29 Aug till 01 Sep 2019
Cell: 078 469 7986 / info@hopefieldfynbos.co.za

Namaqua Flower Festival

06 Sep till 08 Sep 2019
Cell: 0824098212 / experiences@gmail.com

Darling Wildflower Show

20 Sep till 22 Sep 2019
Cell: 084 916 1111 / info@darlingwildflowers.co.za

West Coast Flowers
Pic: West Coast Flower Update

Tips while viewing flowers

•    The flowers are open between 11:00 and 15:00, the warmest part of the day
•    The sun must be out for flowers to open, thus rainy or overcast days are not ideal
•    The day temperature must be at least 18 degrees 
•    Flowers face the sun, thus for viewing and pictures keep your back to the sun
•    Get out of the car and walk around, don’t miss the special smaller species
•    Tread lightly, don’t unnecessarily trample plants, and never pick flowers or bulbs