The Importance of a Website

The Importance of a Website

A majority of consumers are looking online for information that will help them make sharp purchasing decisions and you need to have an online presence. Your website is the backbone of your business . . . we look at a few reasons why a professional website is essential for your companies success.


Sales are key to every business and the consequence of a website for sales cannot be stressed enough. By having an online presence you are able to reach more consumers through your website . The more potential customers you reach online, the more opportunity there is for you to make a sale.

With the right SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) from the very beginning of your websites creation, you can reach a substantial amount of potential customers.

Apart from selling your products and services online you can provide customers with the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision as mentioned in the introduction.



As the foundation of your online presence, everything you do on digital marketing platforms such as Facebook adverts, will eventually come back to your website.

Your website is your most important marketing tool. It is a virtual equivalent of a physical business, except to 3 billion users. This is that place where you have a captive audience and an opportunity to communicate your brand. Would you not like to diversify your revenue streams?


They can become your portfolio or testimonial!

An inventory of positive testimonials from customers who were happy with a product or service.


How does a website build credibility? It allows the people using your website to find out what your company is all about. Here you can tell customers about your companies mission.

There are hundreds of reasons to have a website, i could go on forever. Contact us at Tenacious to learn more.