@sign_diso is Trending

Meet Lusindiso, the trending funny guy you may have spotted around Table View.

His mission is to make people smile and he’s doing a great job of it! He’s even got his own Instagram account. At this rate, it won’t be long before he gains celebrity status. His jokes and sense of humour are right up there and sure to leave a smile on your dial.

@sign_diso is on a mission to raise money to buy a house to support himself and 3 kids. You can “help a brother out” by donating at www.backabuddy.co.za/lusindiso-malgas

Pics source: instagram.com/sign_diso

I’m Lusindiso. I’m 27 years old & on the streets trying to support my 3 kids. My dream is to buy us a home (see link). I hope I made you smile today 😁

Follow @sign_dison on instagram and show your support for this local legend.

28 July at 14:05 · Spotted! Look out for @sign_diso aka Lusindiso at the Dolphin Beach Hotel traffic light. He is one of the kindest people we’ve met. Support him – as we did – in his dream to build a house for his family. And how can we not, look at that smile and sense of humour.

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