Sand artist hits the beaches

It’s so lovely to see such creativity with sand art on our beaches. Artist, Michael Myekwa has been at it for some time now, originally from the Transkei he learnt to build these creations while playing with the fertile clay in the area as a child.

He made headlines outside Ons Huisie, Easter time with his biblical sand art. Brent Webber has created a Facebook Group for him.

Pics: Brent Webber
Pics: Brent Webber

“I saw him one day at Big Bay, took a lot of pics while he was working there and afterwards, I said I would create a Facebook page for him, he gave me his number. That’s one talented guy, all I can say, wow.” – Brent Webber

Join the group and add your photos.

Pics: Table View Info

Here’s the leftover sandart – outside Ons Huisie Restaurant.

Pic: Table View Info






Click here to join the Group on Facebook.

He travels by train from Strand, via … the sand is not the same! With his plastic knife and talent, Michael relies on tips and donations he receives for his sculptures to survive. Apart from the generous cash donations, if you like this, you can donate by depositing into his bank account: Even ten bucks would do it.



Michael Myekwa

Nedbank, Strand Branch, Savings Account

Account Number: 111 966 3938