Oscar’s Arc Woof Project Adoption Day

Calling all dog lovers! Oscar’s Arc Woof Project will be hosting an adoption day at the Century City Natural Goods Market this Sunday 24 November.

The cutest dogs and puppies will be available for adoption.

Oscars Arc was founded by Joanne Lefson in honour of Oscar, her adopted dog and best friend who became the first and only dog to ever travel around the world – visiting 45 countries in order to promote dog adoption.

Highlights of the 2009 WORLD WOOF TOUR included Oscar walking the Great Wall of China, climbing Machu Picchu, sailing the Amazon, posing before Red Square, hang gliding over Rio and tying the knot in Las Vegas. Oscar’s acclaimed travels made him the international ambassador for homeless dogs, raising invaluable awareness for their plight.

Pics: © Oscar’s Arc Woof Project

Oscar’s legacy continues through Oscars Arc- directly measured through every dog given a home – and a life – through WOOF Project.

For more information visit www.oscarsarc.org