Help Save the Flamingos

SANCCOB recently collected over 500 lesser flamingo chicks, transported from Kimberley to Cape Town. Sadly, many of the chicks were very weak and dehydrated and while a few didn’t survive the trip, SANCCOB will be doing their utmost to give the rest a fighting chance. Thanks to the Kimberley team of professionals and volunteers, who have brought them to this point and worked together to save them.

As all other bird rehabilitation facilities bringing their resources and expertise together for the abandoned chicks, the Table View centre team is working round the clock to feed and hydrate over 500 young birds, and prepare large volumes of feeding formulas to feed every few hours.

The chicks were in poor condition and unfortunately, there were a few more losses since first admitted last night. SANCCOB will persevere to save each and every bird.

SANCCOB is recruiting volunteers at the Table View centre to maintain a robust feeding regime for the hundreds of rescued flamingo chicks.

Whether you can share time, make a donation or drop off a wish list item, your support is very necessary. At this critical time, good nutrition is just as important as the rehabilitation the #FlamingoChicks will undergo.

Items on the wish list include Nestum baby cereal stage 1, frozen and deshelled prawns, frozen sardines, blender, cable ties, sieves, black bags, mops, 15 litre buckets, measuring jugs, washing powder, syringes, bamboo cotton buds, towels and paper towels and soft and hard brooms.

Please share and partner with SANCCOB to fund this operation. Donate online at or contact

Photo credit: @AlbertSnyman