Gardening December

Starke Ayres at the West Coast Village shopping centres presents… Gardening December! We share a few hints and tips on gardening over the holidays.

• Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are popular potted plants, particularly during the Christmas season. Brightly coloured and mostly red, Poinsettias provides effective colour in the home decor during and after the holiday season.

• Water tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and pumpkins early in the morning – to avoid blight and mildew from developing. To treat affected plants treat with Kombat Diathane, Margaret Roberts organic Fungicide or Bio Copper Soap on edible food safe to eat. Keep cucumber and squashes of the ground by placing them on a bed of mulch or tie them up on a trellis or teepee.

• Hydrangeas are amongst the most popular and rewarding summer flowering shrubs especially as they flower over the festive season. Gardeners looking to fill up those shady areas in the garden need look no further. Feed your Hydrangeas with Starke Ayres Acid loving and Hydrangea food for bigger bolder flowers.

• Mulch is one of the best ways to retain moisture in the soil and can be incorporated into the design of your garden, no matter what the style. Choose from living mulches such as water-wise groundcovers, which come in an array of colours, textures and shapes, as well as options like pebbles, bark chips, mulch, compost or peach pips.

• Treat your bulk water storage containers or standing pool water against mosquito contamination. DIEMOZ Aqua kills mosquitoes during the egg stage, first, second, third, and fourth larval stage ensuring the breeding-cycle of the mosquito is terminated. Added to drinking water it is not harmful to humans or animals.

• Plant culinary herbs right outside your kitchen. Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Sage and Perennial Basil. They can be planted in containers and will provide a constant supply of fresh herbs that can be used in the kitchen. Use Stockosorb, Waterwise 3D or Flostim to improve water penetration and water retention.

• Algae control in ponds is a very important part of maintaining a healthy pond. In very high densities, algae blooms may discolour the water and out-compete, poison, or asphyxiate other life forms. Some algae are toxic to humans and dogs. Water can become unsuitable for fish, swimming, and other animals. Rapidly improve the water quality with Clear Pond from Makhro Home and Garden, a natural product with microbes that will reduce nitrates, phosphates and sludge build-up.

• What’s new and popular in store in “ready to use” trigger bottles?

Pure Ag, Food Grade pest control which is ozone friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous ” Green chemistry pesticide ” made up of natural ingredients and suitable for control of insects indoor and outdoor on ornamentals, vegetables and fruit trees. No build in resistance can be developed by insects targeted.

Angels Choice. At last, an Organic Tick & Flea spray for dogs. This pet, planet and people-friendly spray was developed for sensitive Basset hound called Angel who reacted badly to chemical based products. Simply shake well and apply a light spray on your animal’s fur then rub in gently. Suitable for application in the home on dogs, bedding, carpets, furniture & skirting boards.

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