11 Fun Facts about Table Bay Mall

By now the entire neighbourhood knows about the new Table Bay Mall and where it is. Here’s a few fun facts you might not know.

Table Bay Mall
Pic: Alan Rudnicki

Table Bay Mall

  1. The Table Bay Mall uses LED lighting and smart building technology, when the sun is out the lights dim, if it’s cloudy the lights will adjust to make it brighter.
  2. Plants are waterwise and a lot of effort has been put into the landscaping to cope with the dry season.
  3. The escalators don’t just run, they slow down to use less energy, once you get closer they speed up.
  4. There is over 65,000m2 of retail space, with the option to expand to 90,000m2
  5. Design inspiration for the mall was taken from the world’s most elegant power yachts.
  6. There are over 3000 parking spots.
  7. Rainwater is collected from the roof, recycled and re-used in the mall.
  8. More than 8000 employment opportunities have been created.
  9. Over 150 shops and restaurants to visit.
  10. There is a trampoline park for kids.
  11. You can catch the MyCiti bus there and back.
Table Bay Mall
Pic: Alan Rudnicki


Pic: Alan Rudnicki


Table Bay mall
Pic: Alan Rudnicki

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