10 Top Décor Trends for 2018

2018 Will see some exciting décor trends taking place – some will be new and some will be old making a big come back! Expect this year to be bolder than ever before, seeking individuality and sticking to what you love most!

1 – Strong Contrasting Colours:

The colour palettes this year will be intense, with a mix of bold and bright colours, primary colours of: blue; yellows and reds and jeweled tones of: olive green; purple; terracotta. The theme is to create a strong contrast when working with your choice of colour palette – Think powerful and contemporary!

2 – Geometrics:

More geometric shapes will be seen in fabrics and wallpaper – contemporary making a strong fun statement. The shape of the circle will take center stage over the triangle, and expect to see more graphic wallpaper

3 – Woven textures:

Craftsmanship will be seen more in homes, with décor items that have been woven, of interlacing textures that will be seen in: baskets; rugs; fabrics; pillows; throws and artwork.

4 – Artisan interior finishes:

Stay local and your support your local makers and local culture! There is a huge movement of artisans designing and creating beautiful handmade contemporary light fittings, includind LED fittings.

5 – Brass:

Breaking away from the expected, Brass is the new unexpected metallic on the block! It’s an old metallic that has made a come back and will be seen in interior finishes and décor of: sanitary ware; lighting and décor accessories – creating a more warm and subtle feel.


6 – Spa-inspired bathrooms:

Tapping into our senses is trending for 2018 – how does it make us feel? This will be seen especially in bathroom design, where the homemaker wants to create more of an experience than a practical space – escapist bathroom. Having a spa inspired bathroom will be created by: mood lighting; large deep baths; rain showers; soft textures; music; scents and been able to bring the outside in with large windows or plants.

Decor Trends 2018

7 – Beauty in Imperfection:

The Japanese worldview “Wabi-Sabi” is my favourite décor trend, meaning: Accepting and seeing the beauty of imperfection and impermanence. We will see this in artisan products such as pottery and lighting; hand blown glass; wrinkled bed linen and uneven lines and grains in wood design.

8 – Large bright florals:

Bringing the outside in, with more fun and colour! Expect to see large bright florals in fabric and wallpaper design. The colours will bright; bold and contrasting.

Decor Trends

9 – Shapely furniture:

In furniture design we will see more curves! Expect to see more sofas and chairs to have curved: Backs; arms and seats. Curved counter tops will also be seen for tables and bathroom vanities. Creating a more warm and elegant feel to the home.

10 – Black and White:

Black and White is back! This classic timeless décor scheme is making a come back – been bold and contemporary and making a statement.


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