TLC Outreach Projects

TLC Outreach Projects is a non-profit, welfare organisation in Table View that cares for the destitute youth at risk, you will find them behind the SAPS in Pentz Drive.

Established in 2000, this community based project has been rehabilitating street children affected by abuse, addiction and extreme poverty, many of whom have found their way to the streets in search of a safe haven.

Over the past few years TLC Projects has extended the reach of preventative programs to help meet the needs of informal settlement children at risk.


Educare playrooms and youth cabins have been erected to accommodate on site programs.

TLC Outreach teams are on a continuous mission to move under 18s “living off the streets” and help them to find a place of safety.

TLC’s assessment centre offers counselling for sexual, physical and emotional restoration. Accommodation, education, mentoring, christian discipleship as well as employment opportunities are provided through the TLC house program.

TLC Outreacsh welcomes donations and support from the public.

Keep up to date with TLC Outreach on Facebook or visit the website for more information.