Reflected Truth – Medium/Astrologer

A fusion of channelled readings and astrology. Giving you insight, clarity, direction and guidance – reflecting what you need to know.

It is no coincidence that a client requests a chart reading when they do. As it will be evident, that the planetary influences affecting the clients’ life, are indeed the instigators behind the search for guidance. Astrology is a gift given to us all – to help us in every aspect of our lives. On a personal level, within relationships, with career decisions, for spiritual growth and much more.


A consultation whereby an analysis of your birth chart is done

A full astrology chart reading, this  includes an hour of working on the chart prior to the two hour consultation: R950


A full astrology reading without the preperation time, thus only the 2 hour consultation : R650
With both of these readings : you may choose with or without channelled reading 

Only Channelled Readings : (medium) Without astrology
A minimum of an hour appointment is required for a persoanl reading at my home, but 90 mins is more productive, especially if you travelling some distance to get to me.
R350 first hour, then R300 per hour or part thereof

• Channelled readings via Email  – Ask the question receive the email
How this works:
You send me an email, clearly stating what questions you have. It helps to ask a few very SPECIFIC questions, rather than one long, complicated question. I will then get back to you with a clear indication of the costs involved, as well as when I can do the reading.

The email readings are extremely cost effective and efficient, as no time nor costs are wasted on travelling, nor on all the chit chatting before and after an appointment!

E-mail –  or

Cell: 079-599-2990
Tel: 021-555-0309

It is always beneficial for a new client to have a personal astrology reading with me.

Yet, many questions are perfectly answered with a quick email reading.

As each person has their very own unique individual needs, I adjust and adapt to each persons specific wishes and requirements.

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