The Beach Tavern

The Beach Tavern is a modern pub located at Woodbridge Island in Milnerton. Foodwise, it’s a simple menu consisting mainly of pizzas, burgers and breakfasts, with a few salads, snacks and a banting option or two.


The weekly specials are right on the money  – follow them on Facebook to find out whats the flavour of the week.


Beerwise, The Beach Tavern is a must. They serve an extensive range of lagers, ales, Weiss beers, Belgian beers, draught beers and cider, over 100 of them. That is, along with their range of popular commercial beers, ciders, spirit coolers, cocktails and wines.


Flat screen TVs are scattered around the venue so you can comfortably watch the game while you’re enjoying your favourite ale.



Open daily, weekdays from 8am and weekends from 7am. Kitchen closes at 10 pm.

More information at
1 Loxton Road, Woodbridge island, Milnerton beach

Tel: 021 551 9779


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