PawFect Daycare

Do you worry about your doggies while you are at work the whole day? Wondering if they are bored? Wondering if your furniture will be in its original form when you get home and not chewed up because your puppy or dog is experiencing trouble being alone?

doggie daycare

Introducing PawFect Daycare and the daycare’s host – Janet van Dyk!!

PawFect Daycare provides a safe, secure and loving environment for small breed dogs and puppies, Monday to Friday, in the comfort of a loving pet-friendly home. Pet parents can go off to work and no longer worry that their doggies may be getting into trouble.

Doggie Daycare

There are many areas to explore at PawFect Daycare and socialising, playing and resting are all part of the day. This is an environment that dogs will look forward to coming to on a regular basis, instead of spending the day alone.

Because of Janet’s many years of experience, it is possible for her to read how a dog is feeling and what they need by understanding their body language, ie when a dog needs attention, reassurance or if they just need time out. All doggie activity is continuously monitored.

Doggie Daycare

Janet is also able to anticipate situations and take action before situations get out of hand, thereby always ensuring harmony and that all the dogs are kept happy and enjoy a day of fun with friends old and new. Not to mention how a day spent with dogs will feed her own soul.

Janet started PawFect Pups Puppy School in 2012 and instantly knew that working with dogs full time was what she wanted to do. So, Janet left the corporate world at the beginning of 2017 to fulfil this dream.

PawFect Daycare is a division of PawFect Pups School for Puppies and Dogs, where Janet is in partnership with Coral Louw.

Pawfect Daycare

“It is a privilege to look after your loved one when you are not able to and I am honoured that I have the trust of the people who have sent their dogs to PawFect Daycare.” Janet

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Tel: 021 551 5746 • Cell: 082 428 0523



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