Monochromatic Magic!

Choosing a colour scheme for your home is the one of the main design elements to decor, and truthfully, it can be rather daunting! Because colour has such a major effect on our homes and our moods, we tend to think of everything:
How will it look? How will I feel? Will it look good? Will I like it?

Sometimes choosing 1 colour only and opting for a monochromatic scheme is the way to go.  Not only is this a simple solution, but it will also create a stylish and elegant space!


Here are my 5 top tips to a successful monochromatic scheme:

1    Know your tones:  When going monochromatic you will be working with 1 colour only, but with many tones of that one colour.  The tones will range from light to dark and will aid in creating interest in your colour scheme.  Set the tone by choosing one tone that will be your main colour or wall paint and then work from there.
2    Pattern and Texture is Key:  Your selection of patterns and textures will make or break your scheme.  It is important that you carefully make your selection  – interesting fabrics that have unusual textures and patterns, mix them up together, no texture or pattern must ever be the same or remotely similar!  This is the one time that there is no boundary for mix-and-match!  Different textures and patterns will have their own tones and play along in your monochromatic scheme.

3    Compliment with finishes:  Your selection in finishes (i.e.: woods, legs of chairs; furniture pieces) must compliment your scheme.  Select a finish that will not over power the tone but rather “marry” with it.  For example: I love using a raw oak finish with a touch of metallic for a neutral scheme, this way I am maintaining the elegant look and feel I want to create.  If you have a blue scheme, then white finishes with silver will compliment this as it is fresh and elegant!  Finishes will not only compliment your scheme but will break it up a bit which makes it more interesting.
4    Mirror fun:  Incorporating mirror into your scheme is a fantastic touch!  It creates a sense of depth; mystery and is the perfect reflector of your creation!
5    Every hue has its home:  All hues (colours) have a home, never rule any of them out.  There is a place, tone; texture and many patterns for all of them!
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