Michael Academy

Michael Academy is an early intervention learning centre for children with special needs. They provide a loving, accepting, safe environment for children between the ages of 3-6 who struggle to cope in mainstream schools with big classrooms due to difficulties in social skills, communication and behaviours.

Michael Academy aims to optimise each child’s potential by working with them according to an individualised education plan that has been devised by a speech therapist, occupational therapist and educator. They believe in the importance of a multi-disciplinary team and encourage parents to become an integral part of this team.

Children receive individual and small group attention. Each classroom has a teacher and an assistant working with no more than 8 children.  Michael Academy is run by a speech therapist who orchestrates the planning of daily activities and programs.


Weekly programs include Junior Jive (music program), Speech and Language group therapy, a movement program, an art program and a baking day (all included in the school fees). Michael Academy uses the Gemini video modelling program on a daily basis in order to further encourage speech and language skills. They also offer an extended program which includes individual speech therapy as well as individual tutoring. Private therapy sessions are provided by an associated psychologist and occupational therapist.

michael academy kids

As a non-profit organisation fees are subsidised in order to help parents afford the opportunity to provide their children with a treatment program developed by skilled professionals.

Michael Academy is reliant on external funding in order to keep helping those in need.
The goal is to provide a comprehensive individualised program that is accessible to a wide range of children and encourages growth in all areas of development.


 7 Shetland Road, Table View

Tel: 082 881 8801

E-mail: admin@michaelacademy.co.za