Leadville Dog Park Opens Soon

The canine residents of  Garden Cities suburb, Sunningdale will soon have their own dog park, Leadville. And it’s not just any ordinary dog park. Almost a hectare of land has been developed just for dogs and will include grooming facilities, a canine behaviourist, a vet shop and a coffee shop. There may even be a possibility of a doggy day-care service once the park is successfully up and running.


The fenced dog park will provide a safe place for residents to walk their dogs and meet fellow canine lovers.  Disposable bags and bins will be provided for dog waste and the park will also have a shallow pond for dogs to cool their paws and drink the water from a fountain in the centre. Leadville is all about the care and comfort of dogs and with over 3000 homes in the area and hundreds of dogs, Leadville is set to become a popular space in the neighbourhood.

‘We’ve added Leadville to the mix because a high percentage of households in Sunningdale have dogs, and it’s appropriate to our community objectives to provide a safe and attractive environment where residents and their furry friends can enjoy their leisure time together.’ says Garden Cities Group Manager, Engineering and Planning, Renier Smith.

Leadville, on Leadville way is just off Braselton Road in Sunningdale and is due to open around mid December.

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Source: www.gardencities.co.za

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