Gardening in May

The experts at Starke Ayres give some suggestions on working in your garden in May.

• Save our planet. The average family accumulates 60 plastic bags in only four trips to the grocery store. Reducing your use of plastic bags is a simple action with huge impact.

Starke Ayres is supporting the drive to reduce single use plastic and is the first Nursery chain introduce multipurpose recycle shopping bags with the additional option to purchase brown paper bags. The use of plastic bags has been phased out at the end of April with boot-liners being one of our next
projects. We encourage customers to make use of our plastic pot recycle initiative where customers can drop their used plastic plant pots at each nursery in the designated collection bin.

• Orchids are arguably the most elegant of plants. Their flower speak with poise and splendour, enough to melt any heart. On Mother’s day (12 May 2019) give a gift of flowers to your mom with the arrival of Cymbidiums, Phaleonopsis and the fragrant Zygopetalum. Zygo’s sweet fragrance and easy culture make it a must-have orchid. Zygopetalums are robust, growing fans of long, lily-like leaves from large pseudobulbs. Feed orchids with Starke Ayres Flowering Orchid food or Baby Bio Orchid Food.

• Clean up the veggie garden. Winter is a time for a vast range of veggies so prepare your vegetable beds or pots with extra compost. Plant root vegetables from the Starke Ayres performance tested range such Texas Grano Onions (early maturing), Spring Onion, Ideal Red Carrots, Detroit Beetroot and Turnips. Feed your vegetable garden with Gorganic natural Seabird Guano or ask our qualified horticultural team for any other organic options. Control insect infestations with Makhro Home and Garden’s, Organicide or Organicide Plus.

• Fragrance and abundance of colour are a spring must for every garden. The planting time is “NOW”. Be the first to own these great fragrant flowering plants to enhance your patio, entertainment area, cottage / home or garden. Fragrance plays a large part in enhancing a garden, here are a few suggestions to help you rethink your garden. Lorapetalum Chinese rubrum, Trachelospermum jasminoides, Jasminum polyanthum, Murraya exotica and Brunsfelsia pauciflora. As Winter rains are imminent it’s time to stock up and plant to ensure you can kick your heels up in Spring and enjoy all your hard work, we suggest you stagger your planting over the next 3 months to prolong blooming.

• Planning on adding ecologically indigenous water-wise plants to your garden this winter? Proteas are best planted out into the garden and permanent containers in autumn (May and June), once cool, moist weather has definitely set in. All thrive in acidic soils and their blooms will attract a variety of nectar-loving birds into your garden. Proteas and Pincushions are also suitable for low maintenance, low water gardens and there are now hybrids that flower at different times of the year. Arnelia potting mix is the ideal ready mixed soil solution to be used when planting these. Planting Tip. Do not use Bonemeal when planting Proteaceae and feed now with Atlantic All Purpose Fertiliser endorsed by Kirstenbosch Gardens or certified organic Talborne 6:3:4.

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