For the Love of Food

Donovan Plunkett, owner of Roman’s Pizza in Parklands and Bothasig wasn’t always in the owners seat. It’s taken him almost 15 years to get this far and he has no intention of slacking off.

Back in 2002 when Donovan was studying in Pretoria he started working as a waiter for Roman’s Pizza in Hatfield. It was here he discovered his love of food and passion for the restaurant industry. CEO of Roman’s Pizza, John Nicolakakis noticed the determination and commitment Donovan showed and offered him a position in Cape Town as Warehouse Manager and to assist in developing the Roman’s Pizza brand.

Soon after, he was promoted to Regional Manager for Cape Town and it wasn’t long before he was offered a 50% share in the struggling Roman’s Pizza store in Parklands. Donovan successfully turned the store around to become one of the top 5 franchises in the Western Cape.  He then took on a 50% share of the Bothasig store which too has become one of the top selling stores in the Western Cape.

Donovan hands on in-store at Roman’s Pizza, Parklands.

Donovan is extremely hands on in his business and believes in the personal touch, being responsive and encouraging and motivating his staff to excel. His next mission will be the opening of the new store at Table Bay Mall next month. His plans for the future? Let’s just say it’s not only about the dough!