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Established in 1997 and home to nearly 1,400 students from ages 3 to 18 on four separate campuses, Elkanah House is the leading school on the West Coast of Cape Town.  Our school boasts four leafy and picturesque campuses, each with a unique architectural design overlooking Table Mountain, which is conducive to allowing children to learn optimally in a homely environment.

Elkanah House has an outstanding track record in all that we do.  From our quality academic results – regularly achieving an average of 2 distinctions per student in Grade 12 –  to top sporting achievements, to award-winning theatre productions, to festive community events, our school epitomises excellence in all that we do.

Elkanah House, which means “God’s Creation”upholds Christian family values and is committed to growing young men and women who have an unassuming self-confidence and the ability to use their unique gifts to build successful and responsible lives. Our co-educational environment offers a progressive, whole-child schooling that enables students to be who they are while optimally developing their creativity, 21st century skills, academic excellence and unique talents.  This philosophy is ingrained in our school motto, Carpe Diem, which is the latin term meaning Seize the Day.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

We believe that a sound education includes so much more than results.

Our objective is to empower our students to become skilled and interested individuals who can take their place anywhere in the world with confidence; young men and women who understand that living significantly is about making a difference in the world and in the lives of others.

As our students progress on their educational journey from the protective and nurturing ambience of our Preparatory and Senior Primary campuses, to the more adventurous and independent tasks of the High School, we encourage parents to work with us to help students grow through challenges and seize opportunities every step of the way.

“A strong, positive self-esteem is the best possible preparation for success in life.” Dr Joyce Brothers


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