Conserve Water, Use it Wisely

Our dam levels are still low and the rainy season is coming to an end. The City of Cape Town is asking residents to continue to implement water-saving meausres at home. Dams are 15% lower than the same period last year.

More rigorous water restrictions and other water-saving measures are set to be implemented in the near future as we still need to reduce water usage by 20%.

“We have a collective responsibility to use water sparingly and ensure that the dams are not drawn down to very low levels over the coming summer period. While this may cause a certain amount of inconvenience and cost burden to our residents and businesses, it is important that we take a longer-term view and consider the possibility of the drought extending into the next winter rainfall period. We will be lowering distribution system pressures where possible to reduce leakage from municipal and private water systems. This will mean that water may flow more slowly from taps and fittings. said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, Alderman Ernest Sonnenberg.

More information on current water restrictions and tips on how to save water can be found here: