Asirawan Siam Healing House

Situated in West Beach, Asirawan Siam Healing House is a definite must if you’re looking for an authentic Thai massage experience. The spa is run by Asirawan Leena Mellet and Patric Tariq Mellet, a husband and wife team who are always happy to welcome you to enjoy a treatment in the tradition of the Wat Po Traditional Medical School of Bangkok. Leena is a qualified Wat Po therapist and specialises in traditional Thai physio, Thai oil and herbal compress massaging.


Prices range from R300 – R700 depending on your choice of massage and the duration of the treatment. Couples will be happy to know there is a double spa room where partners can enjoy their Thai treatment together, you will each have your own therapist.

Asirawan Siam Healing House is truly authentic in the Thai experience, you’ll get to sip on a cup of Thai tea while traditional Thai music plays softly in the background. This is strictly a health and wellness establishment for rejuvenation and healing sessions. Not only is this a Thai Spa, Leena and Patric have created a SA-Thai Slave Heritage Reflection Centre where one can learn about the shared historical and ancestral links between Thailand and Cape Town. Many may not be aware that Cape Town shares a long history with Thailand.


Asirawan Siam Healing House also has one serviced guestroom for short term stays, a spacious room en-suite with bathroom, double bed, TV, WiFi, perfect for visiting students, interns, holidaymakers and foreign contract workers.

For more information contact Leena or Patric
on 021 554 6248, 082 337 0522 or 074 691 6681


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