All about the Coffee

If you’ve travelled down Koeberg Road, Montague Gardens, you will have noticed the bold wooden panelled shopfront in Stella Cove. You’ve probably been wondering what it’s all about . . . Coffee Culture

Nope, it’s not a burger joint, it’s all about coffee. Rock & Roller Coffee Culture has made it’s new home here. With over 17 years experience in the coffee industry and hotel and catering industry these guys serve a mean coffee. The smell of roasted coffee beans will have you itching to try one of their coffees, plus the roasting happens right in front of you, it’s hard to resist.


Rock & Roller Coffee Culture will soon be turned into a full service coffee shop, for the moment you can grab a take-away or sit outside and watch the cars go by.


It’s good to know that Rock & Roller is not just your average coffee shop. They supply coffee to various outlets, personalize coffee for you, train baristas and supply all the equipment needed for a successful coffee store. You can even get them to install a coffee machine at the office.

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