Why you should wear sunglasses?

iLink Optometrists at The Emporium in Sandown Road share their expert advice on the importance of wearing sunglasses.

Did you know?

Studies show that extended UV (ultraviolet) exposure has damaging side effects on the human eye which can also cause temporary or permanent vision loss.

These side effects include:
• Pingueculae
• Pterygia
• Cataracts
• Macular degeneration
• Photokeratitis

High-energy visible (HEV) radiation (also known as BLUE LIGHT) is suggested to increase the long term risk of macular degeneration. A person with low blood plasma levels of Vitamin C and other antioxidants is at higher risk of retinal damage from these blue light rays.

Pinguecula & Pterygium

Electromagnetic spectrum: UV rays
Looking at the image below we see that UV rays do not fall within the visible light section of the electromagnetic spectrum but rather within the higher energy light. People in general refer to UV radiation as UV light but this is technically not correct as we cannot actually see UV rays.
The following are the invisible high-energy UV rays:

UV Rays

How to protect your eyes against UV
It is very important to protect your eyes against the harmful UV radiation.

By using sunglasses you could block up to 100% of UV radiation from reaching the eyes. Sunglasses can also absorb most HEV rays and prevent long term damage to the eyes.

Wear frames with a wraparound style for the best protection as well as polarised lenses to cut out more glare.


Children need UV protection more than adults

Children enjoy playing and spending time outdoors and thus need more protection against the sun and UV radiation.

Some experts have said that up to half of your lifetime’s UV exposure can occur by the age of 18 and therefore it is very important to focus on UV protection from a young age.

children sunglasses

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