Table View Angels to Open Halfway House

Local NPO, Table View Angels are working flat out to raise funds in order to open a much needed Halfway House in the area.

Since 2014, Ankarien Oelofse and her volunteer angels have been acting as a support element to help families in the area who have fallen on hard times. On average the angels can feed up to 30 families each week. The NPO has grown extensively over the past few years and the need for a Halfway House has become an urgent one.

“The situation in our area is becoming worse and we receive at least 2 requests per day for help with accommodation.” says Ankarien Oelofse, founder and director of Table View Angels.

The Angel House would be the first in the area able to assist neighbours in need of shelter and food for a short period of time whilst they get back on their feet.

R25 000 a month is required for the house to run including all utilities and so far the Angels have secured R12 200 via monthly debit orders. This leaves another R12 300 still needed to make this venture a success.

You can help by donating just R100 a month to this worthy cause, every cent will help. R100 per month is 4 cups of coffee or 4 glasses of wine. Please consider donating via debit order.  The Angels have also created various packages for local business to get involved.


For more information please get in touch with Table View Angels directly.

Ankarien Oelofse – Chairperson
+27 71 407 5445