Surfer Film – Deep Blue \ Middle C

If you haven’t seen this film yet, do yourself a favour and watch this genre-bending documentary inspired by surfing and Elands Bay on the west coast.

For ten days and nights, in September 2016, a community of surfers, artists, conservationists, musicians, chefs, mystics, creatives and foragers created a studio on the beach in Elands Bay and set about the 10Days&10nights project.

The outcome of this project is the film “Deep Blue \ Middle C“, an ode to the wes-kus through the eyes of a surfer, living and breathing Elands Bay.

Deep Blue \ Middle C official trailer from Fly on the Wall on Vimeo.

“With themes of the ocean, spirit, biology, identity, and our natural place in the world, Deep Blue / Middle C is an interwoven story where fiction and non-fiction co-exist; as do memory and dreams.” –  The Feral Family

Deep Blue \ Middle C
Pic: Deep Blue \ Middle C Vimeo

Directed by Bryan Little, this is a must watch for any surfer and lover of Elands Bay and the west coast.

“I don’t have a tribal dance,
there are no manhood rituals for me.
Sitting round this fire with my friends,
surfing these West Coast waves,
This is my culture.”

J’ bones / ‘ the dronk kreef

Rent the movie on Vimeo for around R25 or buy it for download for around R65, you will be supporting these talented artists to make more films.

Deep Blue \ Middle C