FlySafair allows extra water on board Cape Town flights

Many FlySafair customers have asked if they can fly with water to Cape Town and the airline has agreed.

“If passengers have space in their checked luggage and are happy to take the risks of potential liquid damage, they are most welcome to fill up their checked luggage weight with water.”

FlySafair have also made allowances for passengers to carry on 5 liters of water over-and-above the 7kg hand luggage limit, but this is subject to certain strict conditions:

  • For practical and safety reasons this water must be stowed under the seat in front of you and not in the overhead bin. This does mean that people seated in emergency exit, and bulkhead rows, will not be able to carry water as these isles must be kept clear for safety reasons.
  • We preference the square 5 litre containers as they fit well beneath the seats and are also less likely to roll around.
  • We also suggest that passengers bring factory sealed bottles to avoid any concerns at airport security.

Interesting to note that air transport is actually a very inefficient way to move water. According to DHL’s Carbon footprint calculator, the carbon output resulting from transporting 100 liters of water by air from Johannesburg to Cape Town is between 17 and 18 times that of transporting the same amount of water by road.