Let Us Talk Counselling

Let Us Talk, founded by Registered Counsellor Natasha Potter, offers various affordable mental health, psycho-educational services and counselling.

We provide affordable counselling for individuals who have experienced/are experiencing trauma; depression; adjustment difficulties; grief & bereavement; physical, sexual, or psychological abuse; low self-esteem; HIV/AIDS; burnout; substance abuse or dependence; or anyone who just needs some extra support.

Group sessions
Walk & Talk is not your typical kind of group counselling. Sessions will take place in the outdoors and incorporate some form of light physical activity, such as a walk on the beach or an easy hike in the forest.

Let us talk online
Not able to attend face-to-face counselling sessions? We also provide an online service in the form of back-and-forth emails.

School Talks & Workshops
Covering a variety of topics such as bullying, sexual education, self-esteem building, substance abuse, and healthy coping techniques; school talks and workshops are an effective and necessary tool in catering to the psycho-social needs of students and staff.

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Natasha Potter
Registered Counsellor / Educator / Facilitator

Email: hello@letustalk.co.za