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Liberty Financial Services

Liberty Financial Services offers a full financial needs analysis, whereby we identify any ‘red-flags’ and work with clients in advising them on implementing affordable tailor-made products and premiums. Part of this process is to include all existing policies and identify the shortfalls and present solutions to these shortfalls, if any.

We advise clients on more effective products with more cost effective premiums along with offering a combination of various different products based on our clients needs and budget.

Globex Financial Services

Products offered:
· Wills, Testaments & Trusts
· Life Cover / Bond Cover / Debt Cover
· Disability Cover for Bond, debt cover
· Temporary & Permanent Income Protection – Guarantee your future incomes
· Dread Disease Cover for over 150 Conditions
· Child Dread Disease Cover
· Education Planning for Risk & Savings (Public / Private Education Cover)
· Retrenchment Protection
· Key Man Assurance
· Buy & Sell Agreements (Business Owners)
· Corporate Funds – Pension / Provident / Medical Aid / GAP Cover
· Pre & Post Retirement Planning
· Preservation Funds
· Education Savings Plans
· Endowments
· Retirement Annuities
· Tax-Free Savings
· Unit Trusts
· Personal Medical Aids & GAP Cover

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Donovan Faul
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