Day Zero for water moved to mid May 2018

Great news for Capetonians! In a statement made by the City’s Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille on 16th November 2017 it was announced Day Zero has moved to mid May 2018.

In October the City was looking at Day Zero around March 2018. Due to the efforts of the City of Cape Town and it’s residents the date has now thankfully been extended.

“Many Capetonians have heeded the call to reduce their consumption dramatically and we thank you. The City is also doing its bit. As we bring additional supply online from February onwards with more new water coming online in the months thereafter, Day Zero will be pushed further. We have already brought additional water from the Molteno Reservoir in Oranjezicht and the Atlantis Aquifer, with two million and five million litres per day from these sources respectively.”

Day Zero can be avoided. Capetonians have done amazing work to save water. Most residents are saving water but we need every single person to use the prescribed 87 litres per person per day. If we don’t have everyone restricting their water consumption, we will reach Day Zero in May. The City is doing everything it can, we are working around the clock and pursuing all possibilities, and we are getting advice from experts to deliver on our plan to produce additional water from multiple sources between February and July next year.” – City’s Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille