Life Beyond Day Zero – WWF

What is Day Zero? When is it likely to happen? What will happen on that day? Is it too late to start saving water?

WWF South Africa recently announced they will be sending out a regular Wednesday Water File to advise the public and local businesses to prepare for Day Zero.


For the last few months, Capetonians have been talking about Day Zero, the day when the city’s taps are expected to run dry but what does this really mean? In the first of a regular weekly update, WWF South Africa will be publishing a Wednesday Water File to help households and businesses in the Western Cape to prepare for life beyond Day Zero when we will have access to very little water.
Read all about the harsh reality of it all in the Wednesday Water File.

WWF South Africa has also embarked on the Bucket List Challenge. A call to the leaders of companies and shared spaces to share their Bucket List ideas and innovations for encouraging water saving at work.

Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge except the challenge does not include ice or water. The bucket is empty. The Bucket List Challenge aims to raise awareness of the severity of the drought and encourage people to urgently do something about it.

The City of Cape Town will implement level 6B water restrictions from 1 February – this means daily consumption per person per household has been cut to 50 litres.