Best of London Design Week

London Design Week is held every year, with at least 4 shows around London exhibiting all creative talents and design inspirations from around the world. This was definitely one of the best and most inspiring design weeks I have been to! I am really excited to share the latest trends that were show cased this year.

This coming year the main focus is all about “Transparency and Making Home” – what does this mean for us as consumers and designers?
• Transparency equals honesty for the consumer from retailers and designers, be more in touch with the consumer – emotion sells.
• Making home equals creating personalized spaces that are cozy, warm, nurturing, sensitive, self caring and a space that expresses ones individuality.

The main Design Trends are:

Personalization: Creating spaces that express ones individuality. Design this year is not about all the elements matching, it is about mixing and matching that relate to your personality.

Tiles ceramics

Be local: Support your local craftsmen / suppliers and indulge in the local culture around you – going local equals been connected to your community.

Get smart: Technology is getting and looking smarter, the designs have more “ personality “ with more aesthetic as to blend into an interior.

Kitchens: The kitchen been one of the most important rooms in the home will become more slim line and will have more technology added to it. Making the kitchen a workable, simple, enjoyable and more efficient space to be in the home.

Connection to the outdoors: More glass more openness, bringing the outside in or simply enjoying been outside. Living; eating and cooking outside will be a big trend this year. Homes will be designed with larger windows or sliding / stacking glass to create indoor / outdoor living with more openness within the home.

Co-Living: Relates more to social gatherings with forced interaction. This is created either by 1 long dining table where you are forced to socialize with strangers or dining tables where the bench is used instead of separate dining chairs.

Pairing materials: Interior finishes and furniture will see a trend of pairing finishes. In interiors we will see composites and stone mixed (perfect for counter tops). Furniture design pairing can be: cork + brass paired or plywood + copper.

Low cost materials: More low cost materials will be used, especially in lighting design, we will see materials of: plywood, cork and corrugated plastic.

Plastic Lights

• Craftsmanship: In craftsmanship we will see the rise of: lace; crochet; weaving; rattan weaving and interlacing textures brought through in fabrics, wallpapers, furniture,  ceramics and pottery. This creates more “romanticism” and a sense of “perfect imperfection”.

Color palettes trending:
Warm color palettes mixed with metallics (eg: terracotta; blues; greens; coppers). Primary colours (eg: red; blue; yellow; white; black). Contrasting your color schemes (eg: blue + yellow)

Ending note: Design has moved to a new level, when creating a space become more conscious about your “design experience” – how is this going to make you feel. Tap into your senses, think about the sound, smell, sights, touch and taste that you are going experience!

Anna Correia – Interior Consultant