Autumn Crafts for Children

Autumn has arrived and the kids may be feeling a little bored. It’s the perfect time to get the children involved in these easy, fun Autumn art and craft projects. 

Leaf Critters
Collect leaves and paint them with cute faces or abstract designs. Begin by collecting an assortment of leaves. Choose leaves that have already fallen, when possible. Pic above. Read the full article here.

Leaf wall

Autumn Wall
Dip leaves in wax and let the kids decorate the bedroom wall. Sure to keep them occupied for a while. Read the full article here.


Autumn Leaf Bunting
We just love this idea as it looks fabulous and will work anywhere around the house. Plus it really is easy to make. Read the full article here.

Bubble Wrap Tree

Bubble Wrap Autumn Tree
What a genius idea! The bubble wrap adds a tactile textured element to craft and the handy printable allows children to dive straight in – perfect for short attention spans! Read the full article here.

DIY Leaf Animals

DIY Leaf Animals
Leaves are great for drawing animals with ears, like foxes, cats, and owls.  All you need is a few leaves and a few markers to get going. Read the full article here.

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